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Head First C#, 4th Edition PDF

Head First C#, 4th Edition PDF

Book Name - Head First C#: A Learner's Guide to Real-World Programming with C# and .NET Core, 4th Edition by Andrew Stellman and Jennifer Greene 

About This eBook: 

Dive into C# and create apps, user interfaces, games, and more using this fun and highly visual introduction to C#, .NET Core, and Visual Studio. With this completely updated guide, which covers C# 8.0 and Visual Studio 2019, beginning programmers like you will build a fully functional game in the opening chapter. Then you'll learn how to use classes and object-oriented programming, create 3D games in Unity, and query data with LINQ.

What You'll Learn In "Head First C#, 4th Edition PDF"?

This book is divided into five parts

In Part 1, You'll learn about following things

  • Explore C# With Unity
  • Objects…Get Oriented!: Making Code Make Sense
  • Types And References: Getting The Reference

In Part 2, You'll learn about following things

  • Encapsulation: Keep Your Privates… Private
  • Inheritance: Your Object’s Family Tree
  • And More