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Flutter Apprentice, 2nd Edition PDF

Flutter Apprentice 2nd Edition pdf free download

Book Name: Flutter Apprentice: Learn to Build Cross-Platform Apps, 2nd Edition by Vincenzo Guzzi, Kevin D Moore, Vincent Ngo and Michael Katz

About This eBook: 

This book is created for both iOS and Android. As we all know flutter is a new and exciting software development toolkit that lets you target multiple platforms at once, so you can build apps for iOS, Android and even web and desktop, all from a single codebase. This is one of the best flutter books for beginners, intermediate and experienced developers.

What You'll Learn In "Flutter Apprentice, Second Edition PDF"?

In this eBook, You'll learn about the following things

  • You'll build Your First Flutter App
  • You'll learn Everything’s about Widget
  • Navigating Between Screens
  • Networking, Persistence and State
  • Everything about Deployment
  • Working With Firebase Cloud Firestore
  • And More